About us

We are a Shanghai based digital agency that provides e-Marketing research and innovation consultancy, manages a network of freelance experts and hosts idea-generating events. We aim to inspire our readers, our clients and our guests to make things better – whether that’s better products, better services, better lives or a better world.

We have a proven track record in Web design & Web Hosting for Chinese Trading SME, search engine optimization of Baidu, C2C/B2C e-Commerce at cost effective price but with an exceptional design and service.

We are just four year old on our working experience, but we are much ahead on our technological skills. We depend on our work and we believe in your satisfaction.

Our Most Common Plans are:

Basic Plan:

1. Logo designing
2. Layout designing
3. Flash banner/menu
4. Domain Registration/hosting
5. 5-15 static pages
6. 1 contact php form
7. Basic SEO
8. 3 months of technical assistance

Total Cost : US$ 300
Time Required : 7 business days.
Initial Payment : 50%
Full Payment : Pay after completion of the website


Content Management System (CMS) Website Plan:

Admin Area Features:
1. Admin login.
2. Create multiple accounts to edit the website together
3. Internal Communication System
4. 3 months of maintenance for free.

User Area Features:
1. Layout designing in accordance to the logo that you have.
2. Content Translation (from Chinese to English, 5000 words max.)
3. PHP contact form.
4. 10-20 html pages.
5. Basic Search engine optimization.
6. Internal WiKi website for knowledge management
Total Cost : US$ 800
Time Required : 10 business days.
Initial Payment : 50%
Full Payment : Pay after completion of the website

Above are  our most popular plans. If you have specific requirement or needs, just send us the brief description of your idea, we can get you the exact features, quote and time frame. We provide 3 months of free maintenance for the website and you can ask us for any modification within 3 months.

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